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Understanding the Benefits for Hiring a Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Want to impress your business clients or customers? Do you value a great employee? Then consider how a dirty working environment is to your customers, clients and employees. A first impression of your business, inside and out, will leave lasting impressions to the public and employees.

The accumulation of dust, dirt and grime on the interior and exterior of your windows, will impact your employees air quality and create a negative feeling toward their work environment, thus reducing their level of productivity and you, their employer. In some cases, a great employee may even quit to find a better work environment, costing you time and money to find, hire and train that employee. Clean windows, allow for ambient light, creating a more happy pleaseant mood within the workplace.

The appearance of your establishment will, often times, play a key role as to its success or failure to generate and keep new customers or clients. Most consumers will consider not only the locations of your business, ie: a safe neighborhood, but also if the outside is neat, clean and welcoming to them. On the inside, is the lobby or receiving area well kept, organized and welcoming? Are the windows and bathroom clean and well kept? Looking at your business environment with a keen eye to the cleaning details is one reason to hire a professional janitorial company to preseve the looks of your property, inside and out.


Selecting the Right Commercial Window Washing Service

You will need to ask yourself these questions.

1)  What is their process to ensure the safety of their workers and others while completing their window cleaning? If there are hard to reach windows, make sure that you inquire as to their process and proceedures. Most commercial window cleaners will have the necessary equipment to do the job, such as safety ropes, water fed poles, reach and wash systems etc to ensure the safety of their window washers. This should assure you that they look after their employees and take the time and care to properly train them to use all of the required safety equipment.

Consider the impact to your business and employees if they observe an accident. Often times, that will get reported to the media, and can have a negative impact via association with your business.

While it is true that most anyone can remove dirt from windows, many don't have the skills and equipment needed to do the job right. If you are accident prone, then hiring a professional window cleaning service is a no brainer.

2) What is their liability coverage? Always keep in mind that as the property owner, you will be held responsible for any damages or injuries sustained while someone is on your property.  While it is important to hire a commercial window washing service to avoid liability, it is equally important to get a copy of their workers compensation and general liability policy. Make sure your business is named additional insured in case their is an accident and a subsequent claim.

3) What are the cleaning solutions that are used? Commercial cleaners can have a direct and indirect impact on your environment. There is a balancing act that must be faced when looking at your goals of a clean environment. Creating effective cleaning products that remove indoor pollutants while not adding pollutants and particulates back into the indoor air (VOC's). The more the cleaning products are eco friendly, the lower the VOC's and better for your indoor air quality. This report "Cleaning Chemicals and Their Impact on Indoor Environments and Health" outlines this topic well. Click to download this report.

Hiring A Professional Window Cleaning Service in Reston VA

Often times commercial janitorial companies will offer more than just window washing services. Hiring a professional cleaning service that has day porter services, will allow your business to go on without interruption throughout the business day, rather than having an employee in charge or the cleaning, and forget to do it. If you want consistency and reliability in keeping your windows clean, then hire a local commercial window cleaning company to get them done when you want them done!

iClean Janitorial Services of Reston will work with you to determine your cleaning needs and create a schedule around your time preferences. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, great pricing and customer service. Give us a call 703-454-5922 today to schedule a FREE consultation on your cleaning needs!

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