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Final Cleanup Services For Commercial Construction Sites

Cleaning up the outside and interior of a building during and after its construction or renovation can be a considerably time sink. The longer it takes, the longer it will take for the final government official inspection to take place, and the longer it will take for anyone to be able to inhabit the structure. It's sometimes most efficient to work with a construction site cleanup crew to get the job done.

Responsibilities For Construction Site Cleanup

Any commercial cleaning service worth their salt will have free consultations available. They should be able to help you figure out what needs to be done on your site, as well as get a time table and pricing squared away.  iClean Janitorial Services Seiverville, TN, takes pride in working as closely with the client to make sure the job is done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Below you will find some of the common tasks that will need to be taken care of:

Removal Of Trash

Contractors often fail to keep a clean work space, so there's always plenty of trash in and around work sites. Naturally, getting that removed is generally the first step of the cleanup process. Any trash will be sorted properly and disposed of via the onsite dumpster.


Plenty of dust gets kicked up during construction, and it has to be removed from every single surface. That includes vents, ducts, mop boards, registers, and so on.

It's especially important to remove dust since the small particles are irritating to skin and can even lead to breathing problems and rashes. A professional cleanup crew will have all of the necessary tools and specialized equipment to deal with dust accumulation, assuring that the air will be of high quality for anyone occupying the building in the future.



After all of the trash is gone and the dust has been removed, the last step of the cleanup is to make sure everything is clean and sanitary. This too requires special equipment, and a wealth of environmentally friendly products. This part of the process also includes thorough washing of all windows, both inside and out.

Any labels that were left on the likes of sinks, urinals, and toilets during construction will also be taken care of, and those units will all be individually cleaned as well. Everything is given the white glove test to make sure there's no residue left over. No detail is left unchecked.

No construction job is complete until the cleanup has been taken care of. Without a specialized team that can tackle the job efficiently, the process can take far too long. By hiring the cleanup services of iClean Janitorial Services in Seiverville, 865-234-3015, you will benefit from the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Rest assured, they will work with you to make sure that your property is looking its absolute best. Don't hesitate to call as soon as possible!

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