Foreclosure Cleaning Services

Foreclosure cleaning services, like estate cleaning, is done when all of the junk as been removed from the property, inside and out. Once the property has been cleaned out, then the bank or banks agent will need to go through the property and determine if a work crew is needed for repairs. Often time, doors need to be replaced cabinets re-installed, drywall repair, painting, sometimes a plumber and an electrician need to come in and replace items that were removed prior to
the foreclosure and fix any damage that has been done.

Cleaning Foreclosed HomesCleaning Foreclosed Homes

Once the property is now empty, you can now hire a professional cleaning company to go a deep cleaning of the home, including washing floors, walls, cabinets, baths, mopping and vacuuming floors, cleaning carpets, sweeping basement, attics and garages and washing windows.

Have the lawn mowed and the shrubs pruned. Now the home is ready for the bank or banks agent to contact a Realtor and get the home on the market and sell.

iClean Janitorial services offers foreclosure cleaning. You need to find a trustworthy dependable cleaning company to deep clean and sanitize the home and getting it prepared for sale. WE are here to help! Give us a call today for a FREE quote on your foreclosure cleaning needs.