Estate Cleaning Services

Often times the surviving loved ones not only have to deal with the loss or change in placement of a loved one from their home to a care facility, but the thought of having to deal their home, apartment or condo can be daunting. When changes like this take place suddenly, it only adds additional stress at a time that is already stressful. How to deal with all of their "stuff"? There can be lots of costs of cleaning an estate, junk removal and cleaning is just one of those costs.

Steps To Take When A Parent Dies

Deceased Estate Cleaning ServicesOnce probate is done with, or if there are specific items that have been designated to go to a particular person or family member, now what? Do you hire a junk removal company and haul it all away? Do you go through everything and evaluate their value. Imagine the time and effort, especially if you don't live near by, and sometimes trying to sell things may not be worth the cost of you having to stay in the area and deal with the situation.

Estate clean out companies are junk haulers, and offer removal services for all of those items that need to be cleared out of the property before you can decide on what to do with the real estate such as a home or condo. In some cases whee there is a debt to be paid, like funeral expenses, and other costs that may be associated, you will need to make an evaluation. Hiring an appraiser may be required if there are items that are thought to be of value. Even if you don't know if there is any value, it would be important to organize all of the stuff and have an appraiser go through it all and see if there is anything of value that can be sold or auctioned off.

Once that has been done, the items sold, then you will need to remove the remaining stuff that has no value. Donate what is in good condition and could be of use to churches, shelters and other local organizations. Often times, they will come and pick up those items, get a receipt and then you will be ready to call a junk removal company to dispose of the rest.

Downsizing Estate Cleaning Services

Once the property is now empty, you can now hire a professional cleaning company to go a deep cleaning of the home, including washing floors, walls, cabinets, baths, mopping and vacuuming floors, cleaning carpets, sweeping basement, attics and garages and washing windows.

Have the lawn mowed and the shrubs pruned. Now the home is ready to call a Realtor and get the home on the market and sell if that is what the next step is.

iClean Janitorial services offers estate cleaning. We understand the difficult nature of dealing with estates. You need to find a trustworthy dependable cleaning company to deep clean and sanitize the home for the next step in the process, be it selling or passing the title on to another family member. WE are here to help! Give us a call today for a FREE quote on your estate house cleaning needs.