Bank Customers Appreciate A Clean Banking Facility

Bank Cleaning ServicesWithin the first 30 seconds, your customers will scan and make a first impression of your bank facilities. How does your bank stack up and is that first impression a good one?

Presenting your customers with a clean building and parking area, will help you establish a strong first impression, thus increasing the chances that they will want to do business with you.

Investing in a professional cleaning service will not only assist you in obtaining this goal, but will enhance the working environment of your employees.

At iClean, we appreciate and value all of our banking clients, and understand how important that first impression is, and strive to meet your high expectations of a clean presentable environment.

Bank Cleaning Services

Areas that iClean Janitorial Services cleans and freshens up each of the days the contract specifies is as follows:

Offices: Banks typically have individual offices to receive customers who need assistance in monetary decisions, opening accounts, wiring funds etc. A thorough cleaning of the desks, chairs, floors and trash removal is important to keep this space professional and inviting to the customer and employee

Teller Stations: This is the space that most customers will go to, and keeping this area clean, sanitized for the teller and customer, free of debris, neat and orderly will reaffirm to the customer that the bank cares about their business and that your transaction is being properly handled. In an unorganized messy space, the customer may think "is my transaction even going into the right account?" This is a crucial area to keep clean.

Break Rooms: Employees want to have a clean place to relax, have lunch, and socialize during their breaks. Keeping this space clean will also ensure that any potential bad odors infiltrating the space that customers do go, it also keeps your employees happy when their space is well cared for.

Waiting Areas: Daily cleaning of this space will make your customers comfortable and relax while waiting for staff to assist them with their banking needs. Vacuuming, dusting, organizing this space and keeping it friendly and inviting will leave your clients with a positive experience and forming a positive impression of your bank, that you care what they think.

Restrooms: Whether the restrooms are open to your customer, or just employee facilities, maintaining the cleanliness of the sinks, toilets, stocking the toilet paper, towels, and soap for their use is important to keeping everyones' health and overall well being.

Carefully cleaning and sanitizing area that customers, clients and employees go is especially important to the young and elderly during cold and flu season and spreading of germs.

When considering a professional cleaning service, consider if they are locally owned, insured, bonded, offer professionally trained staff and come with assurances that you will be satisfied with their cleaning services. iClean Janitorial Services, offers all that and more. Call us today for a FREE consultation and quote.


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